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Yuletide 2013

Happy Yuletide!!
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Dear Yuletide Writer:

First of all: Thank you very much for writing a story for me! I love getting gifts. Fandom gifts are lovely

Second of all: Please don't feel pressured at all to write a "good" story, or a long story, or a "funny" story, or a "unique" story. I assume that you're writing for the fandom and about the characters because you love them, and that means whatever you write will be great because there is nothing better/creepier than a fan's brain.

Third of all: Sorry that I am vague with my prompts!

Finally: Feel free to write holiday-themed fic :)

Here is my Yuletide Letter:

1. Ash - Malinda Lo:
Aisling, Kaisa

Ash is the Cinderella is actually gay book that I thought was already out there, but then I looked it up and it wasn't, so omg that Malinda Lo wrote it.

On Malinda Lo: I am like, Malinda Lo's fangirl in the biggest way, but in secret because I don't want to draw attention to myself. I love her because she wrote a dissertation in one of her grad programs on Dana Scully from The X-Files, and the internet fandom surrounding her esp. fic, which is so great. Basically, she is a fangirl who is also an Anthropologists (me) who also a total nerd for sci-fi and alien sightings, and also she lives in the Bay Area (where I went to University wooooh).

On Ash: This is a lovely Young Adult novel, because Malinda Lo introduces YA books where a character just happens to be lesbian. No-one cares that Ash likes a girl, including herself, so it is not one of the conflicts of the novel, which you rarely find in YA. It's like, Malinda Lo's forte to write genre books (sci-fi & fantasy) starring a lesbian main character, because they don't exist. I love the world. Ash has a society where you're told fairy tales, and is unique but not unfamiliar. I really like how nice everyone is to each-other. The only antagonist is Sibhoean, such a relief because I don't like court politics, especially antagonists at court. This made it seem that court is a safe place that can be home for Ash after the end of the novel. Finally!

The Fic:

Pairing(s): Ash/Kaisa (For OBVIOUS reasons. They are so cute <3.)

Prompt: I know that this is a general prompt, so sorry!: I've always wanted scenes of their relationship after the end of the book. I am weirdly fond of the Prince, and love The Hunt, so a story with other characters in the background is fine by me.

Anyways, here is my dream casting for Ash, because I can: Dreamcast.

2. Adaptation - Malinda Lo:
Reese, Amanda

This is like an X-Files arc that's three episodes long, and all about a teen girl, and teens fighting government and alien organizations that want to control them, and solving mysteries. I love the description in this book. Like, seriously, the visuals. I especially like when she decides to make her wall into a collage of what she sees in her dreams/memory. She's impulsive and independent like that and I like it.

It is also about a bisexual female protagonist, who falls for a girl. It's part of the plot, but does not create any negative sort of conflict. The actual conflict that has a negative impact on Reese's life is the sci-fi plot. But Reese not being straight isn't a big deal.I like this book, a lot, because it is such a typical (and typical doesn't mean bad) teen genre novel. It's an urban-sci-fi novel set up with as much romantic development alongside the genre plot as urban-fantasy novels have. Reese's romantic storyline is an important part of her identity-searching because it's her exploring her sexuality, both dating a girl and also just dating someone for the first time. And there is a romantic conflict; she has her heart broken, and she finds herself having feelings for two people. There's an entire sci-fi plot that goes alongside this, and it makes the book really classic, and really enjoyable.

ALSO, the book takes place in San Francisco, and I, in theory, love San Francisco.

Basically, anyone who wants to read a teen government/alien conspiracy novel and has the day off should buy this book and sit down and drink mint tea and eat cookies and pet your cat and read it!

The Fic:

Pairing(s): This is one of those books where I like Reese's relationship with both Amanda and David. I don't know how well Amanda and David would get along, but I'm curious whether or not they would be a great OT3. Also though, I'm trying to decide whether or not there is David/Julian potential.

Prompt: I LOVE Julian. He is the coolest best friend ever, and I think a fic about all of them hanging out together, going on some mission having to do with a government conspiracy Julian has unearthed on Bin 42 would be fun. I think my brain is channeling Animorphs right now. Having the three people in Reese's life interact would be really interesting, because we haven't really seen them. Her friends are isolated from each-other and I think it would do her good to have a friend group. The book itself is a lot about her individual relationships with these three people, and in Amanda and David's cases, romantically. All of the conspiracy plot is an intense, mortal peril situation. But I just want, after the end of the series, for the four of them to be able to create relationships as friends, and spend their time exploring conspiracy.

Basically, this one is totally up to you! Make it shippy, or just gen, whichever you like.

3. Little Mix (Band):
Jade, Jesy, Leigh-Anne, Perrie


This is Little Mix, a British girl pop band comprised of 4 ladies who are really silly and nice. Whoever is reading this probably knows about them, but here is the down-low if not:

I think I fell in love with Little Mix when I watched their first performance in a group together in The X-Factor. They perform up-beat songs about sometimes love, but also friendship, and being strong and independent. Listen to their CD here. And they make fun of themselves a lot. They seem so happy to be in a band and recording and performing music, and I am so happy for them. People have come to the consensus that they are stuck in 1994.

Jade Thirlwall (pic)
I don't know how Jade became my favorite; maybe because of her first audition. If you click here there's a lot of quotes from her that I think sum up the type of person she is. Also, she thinks her house is haunted.

Jesy Nelson (pic)
Jesy just seems like the sweetest person ever. She has this great Christina Aguilera voice and hair that is out of control.

Leigh-Anne Pinnock (pic)
Leigh-Anne seems like such a confident, honest person.

Perrie Edwards (pic)
She is extremely silly and changes her hair color many times a year. One day I WILL dye my hair this pink color.

Also, they have amazing voices:

The Fic:

Pairing(s): I know that everyone has a million ships in this band, but I really like the relationships between Jade and everyone else.
So, if you have a particular relationship that you love, please write it! That being said, I am very fond of Jade & Perrie, because they're very cute and bouncy together, it seems. Here is their tumblr tag.

Prompt: You can write friendship, one-sided, or in love; whatever you like. I just love Little Mix, okay??


4. Caprica (TV):
Lacy, Zoe

capricaship thetruthaboutcaprica

What can I say about Caprica? I absolutely love it, unashamedly, even though it is such a soap opera, even more than Battlestar Galactica, because BSG was at least a political/military drama, but Caprica is just sort of a science soap opera. Although I ship Lacy and Zoe like woah, I also take the philosophical aspect of the show seriously. I don't like the show for its plot, I like it for its characters. This doesn't mean I don't like the plot. I do, it's fascinating. I just mean that it is how amazingly all of the characters are crafted that makes it mean something to me. And Lacy and Zoe are my favorite characters because they are decisive, passionate individuals in the midst of adults wrestling with morality.

Lacy Rand:

It's best to point out that the reason I love Caprica is Lacy. She's a really legitimate, honest girl who finds herself in the middle of this sci-fi soap opera. She really just wanted to be a regular teenager at school, escaping her terrible mother for Zoe and her affluent life. I am convinced she joined Zoe's plot because of her love for her (romantic or platonic-- whichever type). And she's forced to grow up really quickly, and she does. She's a heroine that's not often seen, and I'll bet some people would argue she's not even the heroine of the show if you asked them, but I think she is.

I love Lacy so much, because she's not strong at the beginning, but she IS strong.

Zoe Graystone:

She invented technology far more sophisticated than her celebrated father's. She is great. She is sassy and then she gets blown up, but then the Cylon copy of herself she created is still alive, and the question is CAN CYLON ZOE AND LACY BE AS IN LOVE AS REAL ZOE AND LACY?
Shipping aside, I really do think the question of their relationship in the show is can Lacy recapture the friendship she had with Zoe in Cylon Zoe?

Why Caprica is important:

This is an important TV show because it attributes the most important scientific technology created to a teenage girl (Real Zoe). Also, there are two female protagonists, Zoe and Lacy, who are teen girls who work together to do things. Also: Lacy. She is portrayed as weak-willed in the first episode, but she holds her own, even though her two best friends have died, and one is alive in the form of a robot.

Also, there is an actual canon gay relationship. It is the gay uncle trope, but at least it's there.

These really groovy feminist attributes can, of course, be greatly attributed to Jane Espenson. She co-produced the end of Battlestar, including the most badass of Pres. Roslin's scenes. Also, Also, she writes Regina Mills/The Evil Queen on Once Upon a Time. She also co-writes and co-produces the webseries Husbands which is great and pioneering and you should watch it.

Caprica was canceled after 18 episodes, so it won't even take you very long. It is very worth it.

The Fic:

Pairing(s): I started out jokingly shipping Lacy and Zoe, but about one and a half episodes in, I wanted to cry every time Lacy and Cylon Zoe talked to, talked about, or looked at each-other. They are so precious.

Also, group sex rooms so it's canon.

This is confusing, because Caprica is, but I ship Lacy and Real Zoe more than Cylon Zoe. Because I LOVE Real Zoe. I ship Cylon Zoe with Lacy as well, because I feel for Lacy, but also because Cylon Zoe has all of the same memories of Lacy. So, in my mind, the tragedy is that Cylon Zoe feels more for Lacy than Lacy does for her. Lacy coming around is one of my favourite parts of the show. For all interpersonal intents and purposes, Lacy could love Cylon Zoe just as much as Real Zoe. But Real Zoe was different of course, because Real Zoe had all of the sassy, ass-hole qualities. Regardles, I ship it.

I have no idea what I would want for a prompt for them. I love Caprica, and the rest of the worlds. Anything you'd like to make up about the society would be fine. Any of the other characters you'd like to include would be fine. I'd like to add that I love Zoe's mom for some mysterious reason, and not really her dad, for a not mysterious reason. Baby Adama is adorable. Already metaphorically crying into his whiskey let's be real. [Also, Adama's dad and Zoe's dad are like, obviously an item I'm amazed they got away with this. So feel free if you were going to acknowledge this in your fic but weren't sure if I was aware.]

So for a fic, really, I'd like something that explores Lacy and Zoe's relationship. Whichever of the two Zoe forms that you like. I just would love a story that acknowledges it. It could be a scene from before the pilot, it could be internal monologue, it could be angsty or tragic, because the show is angsty and tragic. It could be an alternative timeline where Zoe decides to leave the train when Lacy does, and they go to Gemenon together and Zoe creates Cylons but doesn't allow her technology to be used for war like her father chooses to, and she and Lacy are just in love and happy. It's up to you!

Okay, I'm finally done!
Thank you, thank you, thank you for writing a Yuletide present for me!! Have a lovely holiday!


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