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Yuletide 2015

Dear Yuletide Author,

First, thank you for writing me a gift!
Second, here is some elaboration so that you aren't lost by my very short prompts:

1. Caprica
Character: Lacy Rand
I love Lacy as much as I could ever love a character. Here is what I've been able to figure out about why: Lacy is a very sad girl, but she is also decisive; and I enjoy that she reacts to her negligent home life by involving herself in the lives of other people. It is interesting that she detaches that well. I like the relationship between her and Amanda, and the fondness that Amanda has for her.
Character: Zoe Graystone
Lacy's relationship that I enjoy the most is with Zoe. I like Zoe because she is a rebellious teen, but she diverges from the traditional rebellious teen in two ways. First, her disillusionment with her family is more gravely based than usual-- her father invents weapons. This makes her angst political and, therefore, not angst but instead political activism/terrorism. Second, in reaction to her disillusionment, she creates a life outside of her family: programming AI tech and joining an activist group. Because of this, she is a teen character who is a young adult at war, which is super interesting to me, because I think that her decision to do this says something about her personality. Imo there are some real differences between Real and Cylon Zoe; for example, I believe Real Zoe is more rough-and-tumble, resentful, and desparate; but this is because she was living in the world of a teenager and also was mortal. Cylon Zoe is more pragmatic because she can be. Ultimately, I believe that they are almost but not completely the same person, and I think that it's a subject you can explore if you wish.
Part of the reason I like Caprica and Battlestar is because of the worldbuilding potential. It is one of the only scifi/fantasy worlds I have ever been this excited about and lbr it's the Greek Mythology thing. I cannot get enough of Greek mythology; Athena is my feminist Greek Goddess in a non-metaphysical but very symbolic, empowering way. There must be a similar feminist love for her in 13 Colonies culture. I am not very hot on religion irl, but worldbuilding in that sphere in this culture is amazing to me. So, please don't be concerned about offending with the religious subjects.

Ship: Lacy/Zoe (Cylon or Real)
My heart is also a shipper's heart, and I LOVE Lacy/Zoe. LOVE.
Lacy and Cylon Zoe are lovely, but I find her friendship/love with Real Zoe just the most adorable thing. I enjoy that in the true spirit of 16 year olds they truly believe that they are adults, and their relationship to me seems like what Demi Lovato's line "die for eachother" describes. They both have emotionally detached themselves from their families, and find a new family in their organizaiton, and, eachother. It's my impression that Lacy and Real Zoe were really solid, and I think that the conflict in their relationship now that Zoe is Cylon Zoe is, aside from the external Cylon tech one, the internal one of Zoe feeling exactly the same about her friendship with Lacy, but Lacy knowing that Cylon Zoe is not exactly her Zoe. (To me, there is a difference between Real and Cylon Zoe, but if there isn't to you, please feel free to write from your perspective!)

Other characters I like: Amanda, Clarice, Tamara, Bill Adama(cutie!), Sam
I LOVE Amanda. Love, love, love Amanda. She is so great, and just absolutely deals with her sketchy dickish husband in a very realistic way. Amanda is the way you can really tell that the show is written by a woman, because she is very believable. She is sad, and deals with her life and the death of her daughter, and keeps going as a The 1% WASP doctor.

Other characters I like: Zoe (Cylon or Real), Amanda, Tamara, Bill Adama(cutie!), Sam
Side-ship: Amanda/Clarice. I very much ship them.

1. Is Cylon Zoe exactly the same as Real Zoe? The same enough? Does Lacy feel like their relationship is the same, or does she feel like Zoe's not at all her friend, she's just some cousin who thinks it's the same, and therefore, does it make Lacy feel very, very alone?
2. Post-series Lacy/Zoe fic.
3. A character studyish of Lacy.
4. What is Lacy's home life like?
5. Lacy's relationship with Amanda
6. Explore more of Zoe's relationship with Amanda. It is clear why Zoe antagonises her father, but is it different when it is just Zoe and Amanda?
7. Canon-divergent AU-- what if Zoe hadn't died? Carrying out the mission, them going to college, et al.
8. Lacy, Tamara, and/or Zoe. What would their relationship have been like?
9. Anything you want to write, I will love!

2. Jurassic Park Movies
Character: Claire Dearing
I think that Claire is really, really, really cool. A large part of this is my opinion that she has been born out of the post-Frozen world, where sisters are now a thing that media chooses to include (Jurassic World, Supergirl.) Claire really reminds me of Ana from Frozen, where she is sort of a loner but does have her life together, even though her only relationships are with her sister and her assistant. I see Claire as a very high-strung, but clearly a very loving, kind person. I dislike the condescension with which her ignorance about the reprucussions of raising and engineering dinosaurs is treated in the film. I am very impressed that she can drive while talking on the phone. I am also very impressed that she can run while wearing heels. I am also very impressed that her hair is that straight in a tropical climate. I am very impressed by many things that Claire does, but the thing that I am most impressed by is that she runs a gazillion dollar business and painlessly accepts that she should spend time with her nephews, and makes that change. I am not bothered by Owen; it is not his fault that the camera spent so much time on him, but I would like him to be relegated to the dog-boyfriend role if Claire/Owen is your jam. I think that their relationship was very, very rushed and that's why I'm not very comfortable with it. The other reason it bugged me was I thought he was super condescending to her. I want to like them, and if there was a whole relationship drama sequel film about them, I would really be into them, so, if you choose to do Claire/Owen, I would love you to expand their relationship and make it clear that Owen is not a misogynist.

Ship: I have no decided ship with her. As I said, I'm not adverse to Claire/Owen, if the focus is not their love story. And, I am intrigued about a ship between her and one of the other women who have had the Jurassic experience.

Other characters (optional): Any of the women from any of the Jurassic Park films. I am not exaggerating here, I love them all. Them meeting/spending time with Claire. Anything with them! Ian Malcom. Alan Grant.

1. What is Claire like in her home life? In her out of world life? In her in-work when there's not theme park-armageddon happening life? In my ideal world, Virginia Woolf would show up and write a book about Claire.
2. More action-adventure!
3. Archaeological exploration of 20 year old Jurassic Park ruins, done by Claire, illegally, but I guess she owns the island, so it's legal.
4. Bonding over dinosaur trauma with other Jurassic women.
4. Anything you want to write, I will love!

3. 19th Century CE RPF
Character: Charlotte Brontë
I enjoy that Charlotte wrote Jane Eyre to the gothic novel audience, and did it to sleuth-sell feminism. In a way, she made tragedy (Villette) and gothic romantic heartbreak (Jane Eyre) an opportunity for women to become empowered and be independent. We know very little about her, and I think that this makes writing fic about her fun.

Ship: I don't ship Charlotte with anyone, but I'm happy to if you do! It can be anyone from history that you wish.

Other characters (optional): Jane Austen, Ann Brontë, Emily Brontë.
I love that Jane Austen and Charlotte Brontë had completely different plots (drawing room drama; gothic & tragic,) but what they were both really exploring was feminism. Because Jane disliked the sensationalist novel, I have always thought that these women would be friends-with-differences. Inspired partly by Kate Beaton, I have for the last few years begun to wonder what types of friends (or chilly aquaintances?) they would be. Feel free to keep the age difference or sort of AU it to make them similar ages. I am fond of Emily as the sensationalist sister, and Ann as the pragmatist, so them as background or other main characters would be find with me.

1. Charlotte Brontë meets Jane Austen and writes a gothic novel about her in which Jane is a gothic heroine; with/without straightness and romance, with/without the house. Jane is Charlotte's mentor, Jane is Charlotte's friend, her exhasperated tutor, her exhasperated copy-editor.
2. A period-accurate-AU (canon-divergent) with Charlotte, and, if you wish, any of the other Brontës and/or Jane. She/they sell their final manuscripts one night, and disappear to join the crew of a pirate ship. She/they go to Athens and write commissioned love poems for 10 pence a piece.
3. What is Charlotte like at a Christmas party?
4. If you want to get serious, Charlotte during her (sometimes sad) childhood.
5. Anything you want to write, I will love!

Third, precautionaries,
No: dub/non con, kink, age difference, sexpollen, what the ever. Mansplaining.
Yes: I am fine with any type of relationship; queer or straight.

If I don't have a ship or character listed in my description, I would not be against you including them in your story! I simply have aimed to give you an idea about my favorite parts.

Thank you, again!

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