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Yuletide 2014 Letter

Yuletide Letter:
1. Carmilla - webseries

"I've got three weeks of a journalism class, and I've seen all of Veronica Mars. I'll find her myself." (1x02)

Carmilla is a webseries based on the 1872 novella "Carmilla" by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu, which is oft dubbed the first lesbian vampire story (although imho it's clearly an expansion of the poem "Christabel", published 80 years before, but whatevs.) The similarity with the novella ends at the basic concept, leaving the female sexuality is sin message behind.
The web series is basically the same format as The Lizzie Bennett Diaries, and Emma Approved, but this one's really fabulous because it has a Gothic twist and a mystery plot à la Veronica Mars.
Pros: The main character (and two supporting characters, maybe even more) is lesbian, and there's a character who is genderqueer, and it's about time for all of this. That's pretty much enough reason to watch the show in and of itself.

Characters who I am especially fond of:
1. Carmilla
is a useless lesbian vampire, said very fondly. Remember the bat-wing bracelet?
2. LaFontaine
LaFontaine is a great character. Did you notice the rainbow unicorn sticker on their laptop? They are such a realistic friend you would make in the dorms Freshman year. I can just see them sitting next to me in an English class, chatting good-naturedly and making everyone feel comfortable. Their friendship with Laura is one of my favorite kinds: it just happens because they are thrown together, so there's no awkwardness there (such as between Laura and Danny.) They are a microbio major who is also ready to jump into believing everything supernatural exists. It makes me imagine them as a child of Scully and Mulder from The X-Files. Also, they are genderqueer! It isn't gone into until Episode 26, but now the show is actually talking about it."Also, it has been confirmed that LaF indentifies as genderqueer and uses they/them pronouns."

I ship everyone. Although I really love Danny, I have a secret passionate love for the incompatible relationship between Laura and Carmilla. I know that the series might end badly for them, but my dream is that it won't, and they can be happy together, even as friends. The only ship I don't see is Laura & LaFontaine becuase they have such a friend vibe, but if you see magic rainbow love between them, please, feel free to write it, and I will see it, too!

carmilla 1

1. Laura/Carmilla (my favorite,) all the more enjoyable because I didn't see it coming (oblivious, much?) I know that this is the dominant ship out there, but that doesn't mean I don't want more of it.
2. LaFontaine/Perry (romantic or friendship, I have no preference.)
3. Kirsch/Will (the two Frat dudes introduced in episode 8). The fact that they have no personalities is the reason that I tolerate them in this show. I would prefer them to stay that way.

Aspects I especially enjoy:
1. The shout-outs to how Gothic their school is. Laura even comments on how weird it is.
2. The homages to the source material is fun, so if anyone writes a story for it, it would be exciting to let your world(school?)-building powers run wild. Like with Harry Potter, the world is almost more intriguing because of what we don't know about it, than what we are shown.

Things I'm not into:
1. OT3. Sorry! I have never been able to ship OT3 because it breaks my heart (except last week I found I ship Mary/Livinia/Matthew in Downton Abbey. Never say never!)
2. Werewolves

2. Emma Approved - webseries

Emma Approved is a web-series adaptation of Jane Austen's novel Emma, which, if you're not familiar with it, is about a single woman who occupies herself by getting her friends engaged. Emma Approved has the modern-time Emma as a lifestyle coach for high-profile clients.  Of course, she can't help herself from setting up her friends as well. It's about Emma's growth into someone who realizes that she also needs to analyze herself. I adore the three central characters, Emma, her assistant Harriet, and her business partner Alex, and it's super funny and cute as well. It is from the creators, and in the documentation and confessional style, of The Lizzie Bennett Diaries that preceded it. But, it has a completely different storyline and I enjoy it for a different reason: Emma Approved is an awesome character study of just Emma. Joanna Sotomura (Emma) is an amazing actress, and so even though there are cringe-worthy moments (as everyone who has read the book know quite well,) it keeps you watching throughout. Also, there is an in-canon Fashion Blog.
Pros: Strong women characters, and actresses of color.

Characters who I am especially fond of:
1. Emma Woodhouse
She is pretty much a big dork. She's well put-together, and is a successful businesswoman, but she's also sort of dysfunctional, and is terrible at reading men, and it's very endearing.
2. Alex Knightly
"How old was the whale?" (1x38)
I feel kind of bad for this guy because Emma makes fun of his fashion choices (such as those pants.)
3. Harriet Smith
She is so cute, and earnest! I find her and her tech boy, Robert, unbelievably adorable.


1. Emma/Jane Fairfax
This relationship intruiges me so much, because I can't help feeling that it would be so great if there were reasons for Emma to be fixated on Jane more than what she shares with the camera. Emma's reactions to Jane are animated and uncontrolled only in the way that her reactions to Alex are. Moreover, Jane acts as if she is aware of exactly how Emma is, while Emma has the awkwardness of trying to get to know her again, perhaps water under the bridge. Therefore, I would find it amazing if they had dated in the past, which would have to had be some time during highschool, as Alex says they hadn't seen her since they were 18. My end-game is Emma/Alex, but I can see current Emma as being an evolution of highschool Emma, who I am now about 99% sure dated Jane.
For an example, look at Emma's reaction to Jane in this video (start at 2:50): Episode 37
2. Emma/Alex
I ship Emma/Alex endgame. I am happy to read anything about them :)
3. Emma, Alex, and Harriet friendship

1. I would love a story about the backstory of Emma and Jane. I choose to think it's romantic, but I would also love anything that has them interacting in the past. Them interacting in the future is great, too!
2. Do you think that Emma and Alex go shopping together?
3. I want Emma and Harriet to hang out, forever. They are so objectively incompatible, but Emma's confidence in Harriet, and Harriet's trust in Emma makes them work well. While another person would have had excuse to drop Emma as a friend after a certain storyline of the series, Harriet sees the good intentions that she has.
4. WORK FRIENDS FIC: I would enjoy any story about Emma, Harriet, and Alex hanging out, at work, outside of work, at a work party (I have a soft spot for party fic.)

Things I'm not into:
I don't like Senator Elton. He's so much worse than he is in the book-- such a slimeball!


3. Tomb Raider - video game
Tomb Raider is the 2013 Playstation game developed by Crystal Dynamics, and written by two women, which is why the storyline and the female characters are so amazing. I'm super new to the gaming world, but this is one of those games where the storyline has as much plot as a movie. Therefore, the characters are as shippable. Basically, one could also refer to Tomb Raider as the most obviously lesbian bestseller game, ever, (yes, even more than Final Fantasy X-2.) More than that, I love Archaeology. I recently graduated from university, and that means I haven't sat through an anthro class in over a year. And Tomb Raider is basically a video game in which a female Archaeology student runs around an island studying artifacts, and saving her girlfriend. I mean, I wouldn't like to have to hunt and eat deer by myself, but it's pretty cool. I dont' want to say as much about this, because it's a game, and I don't want to give anything away. But basically, if you're fine with fighting games, you should totally play it, and if you are scared, watch someone else play it.

1. Lara/Sam - Sam is the captured princess and Lara is her Lady in shining armor. This is a very accurate description of the game.

(these can be shippy, or just gen.)
1. A holiday fic with the whole gang. Okay, I know maybe not all of the whole gang is around anymore, but it can be pre-canon, or in the future. I love the family-dynamic of a crew.
2. Any sort of Archaeological anything you wish to write would be so enjoyable for me. Choose a random place in the world, get semi-accurate information from wikipedia, and write it into your fic! Or, go legitimate and check some Archaeology journals out of your local library. If you're someone who enjoys researching facts for fic, and doing a bit of worldbuilding (if that term applies here,) then I was thinking this could be really fun.
3. Anything you'd like to write!

No: noncon, dubcon, character death, pwp
Always makes me happy: Holiday-themed fic
"Characters who I am especially fond of" does not mean the only characters I want in my fic or the only ones I like, they are just ones that I want you to know why I like them. Also, Yuletide is a time to gush, so there is the gushing.
Tomb Raider having the shortest description does not mean I don't like it as much as the other two, I just had less to say.

So, that's it!
Thank you so much! Have fun!

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